Assessment paperwork

The current Special Educational Needs (SEN) support plan provides a format which schools and settings can use to keep a comprehensive record of:

  • a child or young person’s strengths and needs
  • the interventions that they are implementing
  • outcomes they are working towards
  • review information and assessment data.

This document can be used for any child or young person who staff feel would benefit from this approach. It can also be submitted as part of the evidence if a school or setting feels that a child or young person needs to be considered for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.


Practitioners in the Local Authority are currently working with SENDCos to streamline paperwork across a variety of pathways, including the EHC needs assessment and the neurodevelopmental pathway. The aim is to end up with paperwork that is:

  • time efficient to complete
  • based on a holistic view of the child
  • ensures co-ordinated outcomes and interventions